Pelvic Course Leiden 29.11.2021 - 30.11.20213


Tag 1

  • Pelvic surgery is a challenge: how to reach the summit

  • The anatomy of the pelvis and sacrum:how to find the anatomical landmarks

  •  Approaches

  •  Why plan and navigate resections and reconstructions
  • What margins do we need to get: cases from the facultyWhat is a good margin?

  • Reconstruction for metastases

  • Hindquarter resections: indications and surgical techniques

  • When to reconstruct and when not

  • How to reconstruct sacral defect

  • Tips and tricks with a lumic

Tag 2

  • Routine flaps: SGAP VRAM or Vastus Lateralis flaps?

  • What is the best management in reducing blood loss?

  • What is the best management to prevent and treat infection?

  • P12 and 3 resections 3D printed solutions

  • Navigation on 3D printed pelvic tumors who gets the closest marginWorking